The Seagull Nebula

Object/s: IC2177, Sh2-292, Sh2-296, NGC2343, NGC2327, NGC2335, GUM1, LBN1027, LBN1657, “Parrot Nebula”, “Seagull Nebula”

Description: Clouds of gas and dust and thousands of new stars outline the Seagull Nebula, a vast stellar nursery along the border between the constellations Monoceros and Canis Major. The “wings” span a hundred light-years. Many of the stars are especially hot, so they produce huge amounts of ultraviolet radiation. The UV zaps the surrounding gas, causing it to glow bright pink. Starlight also reflects off patches of dust, coloring them blue. Stars are still being born in the nebula, which is about 3,700 light-years away.


Rights Statement: Copyright, Julio Encarnacion, 2022

Acquisition Dates: 02/17/22; 02/18/22; 02/19/22; 02/20/22; 02/27/22; 02/28/22; 03/02/22

Location: Driveway, Land o Lakes, Florida

Optics: Sky-Watcher Evostar 120ED

Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro

Camera: ZWO ASI-2600MM Pro (mono)

Filters: Astrodon Ha (5nm), SII (3nm), OIII (3nm)

Guiding: ZWO ASI290MM Mini (mono)

Gain: 100 for narrowband,

Cooling: -14F

Integration: Total: 19 hours; Ha: 93×300”; SII: 35X600”; OIII: 35X600”

Software: Mount Control: EQMOD; Acquisition, Guiding, Polar Alignment: ZWO ASIAIR Plus; Processing: Pixinisght 1.8.9 and Adobe Photoshop